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Spinach pancakes with roasted almonds, feta & agave yogurt.

Sharing this lovely recipe with you guys because these pancakes are incredible good and really easy to prepare. Sometimes im still surprised that a dish with not much ingredients can be so delicious.

Zuppa Toscana.


a delicious soup made with tender potato, kale, cannelini beans, cream and is packed with savory flavor from the crumbled Italian sausages and crispy bacon!  



Polenta with mushrooms and sage, leaf parsley pesto

Its so creamy and comforting! 

Love the moment when the polenta just comes out of the oven when it is warm and smooth. Then you only have to finish the polenta with vegetables and pesto and its ready to eat.

Tataki eggplants with sesame and miso.

This dish is inspired by Tataki, which is a Japanese method for food preparation. In general, it is prepared with raw fish like tuna. This is a vegan variant made with eggplant You should try it! Its a delicious way to eat vegan!

Sashimi salad Samphire and seaweed

 A fresh and healthy Sashimi salad, samphire, red seaweed, edamame, cucumber and sesame lime dressing with sprinkled wasabi furikake on it! 


Prawn Laksa soup.

Always wanted to try a Laksa soup? This recipe will help you making a fantastic soup! It's a spicy curry made with vibrant 

seafood flavour, that you definitely should try it, and show your skills to others after using this recipe!


Shakshuka is a healthy comforting dish of eggs poached in a warming sauce of tomato's, chili pepper, bellpepper, garlic and onions. Seasoned with cumin, saffron, coriander and Cayenne Pepper. I also added some homemade harissa for the extra spice and flavour.

Asian pulled beef.

Asian pulled beef in a steamed bun!

I have added many asian ingredients, but also bbq style herbs and spices like fennel seeds and star anise.. the pulled beef is not only delicious on steambuns it can be used to make a dozen different kind of meals!

Hummus with bellpeper, beets & sun-dried tomato's.

Sharing this flavorful Hummus made with bellpepper, beets and sun-dried tomato's! There is so much taste in it thanks to tasteful ingredients and fresh herbs! 

Roasted Butternut Carrot soup with curry& coconut milk

Roasted butternut carrot soup with curry, coconut milk and a crumble of pecannuts pumpkinseeds and sultana.

Creamy Fennel Soup with chili flakes

This comforting creamy Fennel soup is perfect for a healthy lunch or as a starter, but you dont want to have to much work.

It is easy and quick to make!


Polenta Codfish Soup

Fish soup made with bacalhau ( salted codfish ) Corn & Pumpkin.

Also called Sopa de peixa, abobora e farinha di mais. 




Bibimbap is probably one of the most well-known and beloved Korean dishes to many people. 

You can make endless variations to this dish.

Traditional Shoyu Ramen

Another great ramen noodle post! This soup is full of pure flavors and vegetables, incredibly tasty.

Sweet Monkfish with Ginger & Garlic

Meaty fillets of steamed monkfish with shallots, ginger, carrot peper and garlic !

A mix of vietnamese and chinese style of preparing the monkfish.

Japanese Miso Ramen noodle soup

This never ending addiction makes me really happy. When you say Noodle Ramen soup than you have my attention !

I also love to eat some side dishes like yakitori chicken and gyoza or takoyaki !

Pasteis de Bacalhau

 Long ago I ate it for the first time at my Aunties home, and it tasted delicious. Years later I saw that this croquettes is sold everywhere in Lisbon. Now I prepare this tasty codfish croquette myself. the addiction was then started! Pasteis the bacalhau!

Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Spicy Red Lentil Soup with the flavors of Marocco. I specially love this cozy soup in the winter season that gives you that warm feeling ! Just take a look down here for more and you will see how easy it is to prepare this soup.

Oven-roasted Seabass

Oven-roasted sea bass with potatoes, vegetables and herbs like rosemary, dill, sage, basil ! Simple & Delicious and it cant go wrong !


Gnocchi Vegan

Gnocchi are small Italian chunks that look like pillows. These are made from flour and cooked potato. So no worries its vegan !


Slow-cooked Pumpkins filled with cranberry rice

You will love this ! pumpkin filled with alot of taste. I prepared these around Christmas.

Pasteis de Atum.

Pasteis de atum or also called pastetes.

this is tasty as a snack but also delicious as a side dish with your meal. The dough around the tuna is soft and the filling is full of delicious tuna flavor with a little spice.

Sweet Potato Toast.

Sweet potato toast topped with arspergus, avocado, spinach, egg, tomato olive salsa, smoked salmon, red unions, sesame, furikake seasoning & nuts.



Oriental broth with Algae Noodles and Tofu.

Sharing this delicious Oriental broth that is filled with algae samasaya noodles, red cabbage, carrot, marinated tofu, shiitake, paksoy and yes its completely vegetarian!

Crispy Banana fritters.

Banana fritters made with a crispy herb batter. It incredibly tasty and crunchy!

I added some sweet and sour onions with chili pepper, sweet tomato marmalade and crushed peanuts with grated coconut! 

Sweet Tomato Marmelade.

Sweet Tomato Marmelade.

Perfect no waiste idea! It's a lovely spread for on your bread, toast, cracker or as an accompaniment to your favorite meal. 

Tom Kha Gai.

Spicy Thai Coconut Soup with chicken. Also called Tom Kha Gai.

I’ve been in a Thai soup mood lately

I just love the creamy sweet taste of the coconut milk and the spiciness of the fresh peppers. it's so addictive that you can't stop eating. It's a must try!

Pan fried Falafel.

Say hello to my little FALAFEL.

I made these pan fried mini falafel with broad beans and lots of herbs so that you get a bright green color! 

Because of the healthy broad beans it has so much extra taste and makes the falafel smoother.

Below I have the recipe and this one is vegan!