Healthy & Tasty food should be available for everyone.

There is always time for food.


A short story about me and food. I'm Henrico Wierenga. I would like to welcome you on my blog in which I share some of my favorite recipes !


Nowadays, I work as a chef for a big lawyer office of Rotterdam City. In case you never heard about Rotterdam, it's in Western of the Netherlands. A city that owns its vibrancy to a combination of different cultures.

Born in the Netherlands, my father is Dutch and my mother is Cape Verdean.

These two cultures make me rich in knowledge, dealing with differences, but also with food. I really love that last one, food !

My mother taught me many tricks to cook amazing dishes! Not only by learning me Cape Verdean recipes and cooking methods, but most importantly by putting love and patience in the food.


Love & Patience are one of the most important ingredients! 


At work but also at home I love to cook as varied as possible. A varied diet is the key to a fit and healthy life.

It sometimes happens that when someone hears that I am a chef asks what my specialty is. specialty is trying new dishes and not sticking with the same old favorite dish.

Of course I have my favorites from different cuisines, but there are to many!


Trying something new every time makes it more challenging and surprising!

It makes your life a lot more exciting to do something different than always hold on that same old cyclus of dishes. Throw that extra chilli into life and make something different by getting fresh herbs and spices from an Arabic shop for example. Or go to the market and just make a package of vegetables and fresh fish to try something new.


In my recipes, I enjoy preparing food from the Italian, Portuguese, French, Indian, Moroccan, Turkish, Cape Verdean and the Asian cuisine, like the Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese kitchens. This year, I want to try out new recipes including the Egyptian, Indonesian and South American styles. 


I get my inspiration from traveling, trying out various restaurants, instagram, cookbooks, blogs, family.

I had done great cooking lessons in the past from some great teachers but I have to say that I gained the most experience by working in many different restaurant kitchens. Mostly by learning from other chefs.


Before I started this website, I started with a blog on instagram. "hennieskitchen"

On my instagram page i share my latest photos of dishes. Yet this was not enough, it also seemed very interesting to share my recipes with the rest of the world. So let's take a look on my blog and enjoy ! 


Thanks for being here.





To learn more about the Cape Verdean culture you can find a lot of information on the website of Nosagenda.