Easy recipes

Oatmeal spinach waffle with smoked salmon, poached egg & red chicory
Who doesn't love waffles?🧇 Today Im sharing these healthy oatmeal spinach waffle with smoked salmon, poached egg, red chicory!
Cozy Orzo soup with sweet lemony chicken
A delicious soup with orzo and sweet chicken with a hint of lime. this bowl is also well filled with vegetables cavalo nero, pumpkin and carrot and peas. Are you also hungry for this?
Crispy Okra.
Sharing this delicious Crispy Okra with you guys! Its a easy dish idea to prepare for guest at home! Feel free to try it out.
Red Pesto soup
Every time when the days grow colder, I have to share a dish that makes you feel warm again! A delicious thick soup made with red pesto is a perfect solution to get a warm feeling in your stomach.


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