Quinoa power bowl!

Quinoa power bowl!

Look no further for a healthy lunch dish, because i have already found one for you;) It is easy to make and is full of vitamins and protein! This fresh summer salad is perfect for a lunch in the garden or on your balcony but also delicious as a light meal for the evening.

I have a whole collection of steam baskets. Normally I steam my vegetables and gyoza in those baskets but now I have used them differently.

I put baking paper in it, to use it as salad bowls. works fine!

The recipe can be found below!  4p.p⠀










150 grams of quinoa (The organic quinoa i used is from Holland)

6 pieces radishes of mixed colors, white, red and purple.⠀

300 grams of Chickpeas⠀

1 piece Avocado⠀

100 grams of red cabbage⠀

1 carrot⠀

Turmeric and paprika powder⠀

Sesame paste (tahini)⠀

Celery leaf⠀

100 grams of Edamame or delicious broad beans⠀

150 grams Leaf spinach washed⠀



Lime juice⠀

Soy sauce⠀

Sesame oil⠀


-Turn on the oven to 180 degrees.⠀

-Cook the organic quinoa in a pan according to the package instructions and season with salt and pepper.⠀

-Briefly heat the edamame in a pan with boiled water (raw beans contain a natural poison substance called lectin, which you remove by brief heating)⠀

-Season the chickpeas with paprika powder, turmeric and sesame paste and bake them briefly in a frying pan or in the oven on an plate (10 to 15 minutes)⠀

-Meanwhile, marinate the red cabbage and carrots (separated) with a mixture of mirin, lime, soy sauce and sesame oil.⠀

-Remove the skin from the avocado and cut into cubes or wedges.⠀

-Wash the radishes and cut in half or thinly.⠀

-Wash the spinach and set aside in a bowl.⠀

-When you have all the ingredients ready, you can build your salad bowl.⠀

-Squeeze the limes and finely chop the celery leaf and spread it over your delicious salad.


Your salad is finished,

Bon a petite!

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