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Quinoa power bowl!
Look no further for a healthy lunch dish, because i have already found one for you;) It is easy to make and is full of vitamins and protein! This fresh summer salad is perfect for a lunch in the garden or on your balcony but also delicious as a light meal for the evening.
Cape Verdean Cuisine
Cape Verdean cooking. Cachupa is the national dish of Cape Verde. It is a stew or corn and beans. Depending on availability, this is refined with meat, vega or fish. There are many delicious varieties of this dish. My mother taught me how to make Cachupa and other amazing dishes.
On this page I'm sharing some pictures for inspiration and impression.
Why is protein important? Proteins are like carbohydrates and fats an nutrient. It has a beneficial effect on weight control because it contains many nutrients. This gives you a full feeling in your stomach for a long time, so that a diet can easily be sustained. In addition, protein helps build and repair muscles, it is good for hair and skin and provides essential amino acids for a number of chemical processes of the body. In addition, proteins help the blood to spread oxygen through the...
Ingredients for the Broth. 1 bulb garlic, cut into halves 1 medium size onion, peeled and cut into halves 2 ginger slices 2 medium size carrot 1 leek 4 green onions 10 dried shiitake mushrooms 1 sheets kombu, dried seaweed 1 L of water with vegetable or chicken stock ½ cup Sake For the Chashu. 500 gram Pork belly For the Tare (Sauce) 1 cup of Soy sauce 3/4 cup Sake 3/4 cup Mirin Ginger, sliced 1 clove Garlic For the Flavored Oil ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 3 thin ginger slices 2 cloves...
Gnocchi got only two ingredients, potato and flour, which means it’s vegan!
Bananas nuts spelt cake with pumpkin, raisins & spices!
Slow-grilled Pumpkin filled with cranberry wildrice, spelt & roasted chessnuts. Also made some green cabbage with leek soup !


To learn more about the Cape Verdean culture you can find a lot of information on the website of Nosagenda.