Gnocchi (Vegan)

Gnocchi got only two main ingredients, potato and flour, which means it’s vegan! And it's really easy to prepare this dish.

In some parts of Italy, gnocchi is made without egg, as described in this recipe, but egg is added in other parts. This makes the dough easier to process but also gives a harder gnocchi that tastes slightly different and is heavier on the stomach.



750 gram Potato mashed

125 gram All Purpose Flour












Peel and boil the potatoes for 15 minutes until completely soft with a generous pinch of salt.


Mash the potatoes in a large bowl.


Add the flour gradually and work it into the potato completely before adding more. Continue kneading until all the flour is used up and you have a dough that isn't sticky but is still soft.


Now make the dough long strings by rolling them out on a large worktop. Make dough strands with a thickness of about 2 centimeters. Use some extra flour against sticking


Cut the dough into 4 pieces and roll each one into a long strings shape about 2 centimeters.


Cut the strings into 1,5 cenitimers chunks.


Roll each piece down the back of a fork.  ( this is optional, it is not necessary )


And roll them piece by piece through the flower and place them on a plate.


The gnocchi is now ready for cooking or for freezing.


Fresh gnocchi Cooking:


Bring plenty of water to the boil and add gnocchi as long as the water boils, when its stops boiling add no gnocchi until the water boils again, then you can add them again. When they float to the top they are ready, so fish them out with a slotted spoon. 


Especially in frozen gnocchi, these methods, the addition of gnocchi to the water as long as it boils, are important. Adding gnocchi in non-boiling water is not good for the taste !




Place the gnocchi on a tray with a layer of parchment paper with some flour on it. Place the gnocchi so that they do not touch each other and place the sheet in the freezer. When they are frozen you can put them in plastic bags, about 200 grams per person you can keep as portions.


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