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Red Pesto soup
Every time when the days grow colder, I have to share a dish that makes you feel warm again! A delicious thick soup made with red pesto is a perfect solution to get a warm feeling in your stomach.
Its so creamy and comforting! Love the moment when the polenta just comes out of the oven when it is warm and smooth. Then you only have to finish the polenta with vegetables and pesto and its ready to eat.
This dish is inspired by Tataki, which is a Japanese method for food preparation. In general, it is prepared with raw fish like tuna. This is a vegan variant made with eggplant You should try it! Its a delicious way to eat vegan!
Banana fritters made with a crispy herb batter. It incredibly tasty and crunchy! I added some sweet and sour onions with chili pepper, sweet tomato marmalade and crushed peanuts with grated coconut!
Sharing this flavorful Hummus made with bellpepper, beets and sun-dried tomato's! There is so much taste in it thanks to tasteful ingredients and fresh herbs.
Asian pulled beef in a steamed bun! I have added many asian ingredients, but also bbq style herbs and spices like fennel seeds and star anise.. the pulled beef is not only delicious on steambuns it can be used to make a dozen different kind of meals!
Sharing this delicious Oriental broth that is filled with algae samasaya noodles, red cabbage, carrot, marinated tofu, shiitake, paksoy and yes its completely vegetarian!
Pasteis de atum or also called pastetes. this is tasty as a snack but also delicious as a side dish with your meal. The dough around the tuna is soft and the filling is full of delicious tuna flavor with a little spice.
Bibimbap is probably one of the most well-known and beloved Korean dishes to many people. The word literally means mixed rice. You can make endless variations to this dish ! The vegetables have the leading role !
Spicy Red Lentil Soup with the flavors of Marocco! I specially love this cozy soup in the winter season ! Its really warms you up.


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