Asparagus Hollandaise & Smoked Salmon
In our country we have a number of 'food traditions', such as the first one Dutch New (herring) and of course the Dutch White asparagus. from the cold ground. Harvested yesterday and delivered fresh to my home. Let's go!
Oatmeal spinach waffle with smoked salmon, poached egg & red chicory
Who doesn't love waffles?🧇 Today Im sharing these healthy oatmeal spinach waffle with smoked salmon, poached egg, red chicory!
Cozy Orzo soup with sweet lemony chicken
A delicious soup with orzo and sweet chicken with a hint of lime. this bowl is also well filled with vegetables cavalo nero, pumpkin and carrot and peas. Are you also hungry for this?
Crispy Okra.
Sharing this delicious Crispy Okra with you guys! Its a easy dish idea to prepare for guest at home! Feel free to try it out.
Crispy Fish Cakes
Crispy and richly flavored fish cakes filled with spicy cod potato filling with vibrant herbs.
Pastel de Milho
Pastel de Milho In Cape Verde, you'll find the Pastel de Milho on almost every street corner, along the road at a festival and even at the market. There are several variants and believe me they are all great! This version I learned from my mother and is my favorite. In this recipe we use spicy tuna for the filling and the orange sweet potato and banana for the dough, which are mixed with fine corn flour from Valle del Sole.
Canja – Cape Verdean Chicken Rice Soup
Canja or Canja de Galinha traditional chicken soup that is very popular from the Cape Verdean kitchen. This delicious soup is packed with delicious vegetables such as potato, carrot and lots of chicken.
Coquille with Herring caviar
Coquille with Herring caviar in a green garden of Wakame, Edamame, Salty fingers and Green tea matcha sauce.
Crunchy Avocado bites with ranch sauce.
Crunchy Avocado bites with ranch sauce! These delicious appetizers are super easy to prepare and incredibly tasty! The avocado contains lots of nutrients, high in healthy fats and makes your stomach feel full. Ideal snack for when guests come over because after serving these appetizers, your guests will see you as a top chef!
Chicken & sweet potato waffles
Chicken & sweet potato waffles it is! Extra crispy chicken prepared with an airfryer. The savory sweet potato waffles are soft and full of flavor and the maple syrup that I pour over the chicken and waffles is just mouthwatering.

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