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Cozy Orzo soup with sweet lemony chicken
A delicious soup with orzo and sweet chicken with a hint of lime. this bowl is also well filled with vegetables cavalo nero, pumpkin and carrot and peas. Are you also hungry for this?
Canja – Cape Verdean Chicken Rice Soup
Canja or Canja de Galinha traditional chicken soup that is very popular from the Cape Verdean kitchen. This delicious soup is packed with delicious vegetables such as potato, carrot and lots of chicken.
Red Pesto soup
Every time when the days grow colder, I have to share a dish that makes you feel warm again! A delicious thick soup made with red pesto is a perfect solution to get a warm feeling in your stomach.
Creamy San Marzano tomato soup!
This comforting tomato soup is made with ripe tomatoes in combination of canned San Marzano tomatoes, fresh herbs, carrot, garlic, onion, extra-virgin olive oil and a swirl of pesto and vegan cooking cream! As a side dish I had served warm foccacia and a panzanella salad.
Zuppa Toscana!! a delicious soup made with tender potato, kale, cannelini beans, cream and is packed with savory flavor from the crumbled Italian sausages and crispy bacon! Its really easy to make with only a few ingrediënts. And its combination is perfect!
Always wanted to try a Laksa soup? This recipe will help you making a fantastic soup! It's a spicy curry made with vibrant seafood flavour, that you definitely should try it, and show your skills to others after using this recipe!
Spicy Thai Coconut Soup with chicken. Also called Tom Kha Gai I’ve been in a Thai soup mood lately I just love the creamy sweet taste of the coconut milk and the spiciness of the fresh peppers. it's so addictive that you can't stop eating.
Sharing this delicious Oriental broth that is filled with algae samasaya noodles, red cabbage, carrot, marinated tofu, shiitake, paksoy and yes its completely vegetarian!
Spicy Red Lentil Soup with the flavors of Marocco! I specially love this cozy soup in the winter season ! Its really warms you up.
Ingredients for the Broth. 1 bulb garlic, cut into halves 1 medium size onion, peeled and cut into halves 2 ginger slices 2 medium size carrot 1 leek 4 green onions 10 dried shiitake mushrooms 1 sheets kombu, dried seaweed 1 L of water with vegetable or chicken stock ½ cup Sake For the Chashu. 500 gram Pork belly For the Tare (Sauce) 1 cup of Soy sauce 3/4 cup Sake 3/4 cup Mirin Ginger, sliced 1 clove Garlic For the Flavored Oil ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 3 thin ginger slices 2 cloves...

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